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22nd November 2008
Jan Stafl
Last September, I found the access to Wassen Lake an easy stroll downhill from the logging road to the east. The lake is full of stumps and downed logs, not really suitable for a swim, but there is plenty of wildlife and total silence. I went cross country (a better term than bushwhack) around the lake, and a few hundred yards down Wassen Creek, which originates to the west of the 5 acre lake. It is as thick an undergrowth as I've ever tried to scamper through, and I had scratches to prove it. Definitely not for shorts or short sleeves.
I understand that the way to reach the Devil's Staircase is from a logging road to the northeast. It is extremely difficult to follow the creekbed from the lake. Can someone post directions to the start of the trailhead?
Now that a new environment friendly administration is about to assume power in Washington, I hope that this beautiful, rare remnant of undisturbed wilderness will be preserved forever. May it be so! Jan
Wassen Lake Access
Comment by Mike Seets on 27th November 2008
At this time the Wassen Lake Access has been blocked by BLM to all but foot traffic. The road to the lake has been accessible by OHV for as long as I remember.
As it stands my Uncle who is Handicapped, can no longer visit the Lake he has camped and fished on most of his life. I understand the need for management of these areas, but there has to be some kind of compromise. Should no one that is handicapped be allowed to enjoy the beauty of these highly inacesible areas?
We used to frequently police the area on our OHV and pick up garbage and refuse left by other hikers and campers, but the trip down the hill will not be done on foot on as regular of a basis as before.

P.S. Dont let BLM in on the fact that we have been picking up garbage in the area. They want a $90 special use permit and also to have their hazardous materials analyst look at the sites prior to us doing so.